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Ten minute break per hour of black & white


Bastien spends hours in front of his computer screen. His girlfriend tries to get his attention for a while. She hands him a foot it will take if he does not want to spend the night on the couch. Ten minute break, it does not bother anyone? Especially since the bitch is undermined as a bitch in heat for the purpose of diverting the screen. And it runs! Of his foot barely covered with a pink fishnet stockings open weave, it aims his cock right away and attacks his manhood. Him, what he likes most are his toes, pink underneath, brown on top. She pulls the cord of his pants to reveal her pink slit, leaving the beads of her toes, the boyfriend blames his ball and his bright damp cave. What she pays back the girl and her little tits mounted on a sports suspension which reacts as soon as finger enters its hole. They rise when the language of the type sought input from their anus. It’s his big toe which whets the appetite. She keeps it alive by making it a pipe that sounds at the end of recess. His machine pours on the beautiful toes of the girl who could always board for the rest of the program!

Date: March 26, 2020

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